• Big Daddy 29, Steve Baldwin

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    Ahoy Maties! Captain B-Daddy is a pirate that sails the waters in and around Galveston, TX. Captain B-Daddy loves two things drinking rum and Mardi Gras. So, it makes since that Captain B-Daddy has buried his treasure here. Ye will find a public parking lot across from a rum cache guarded by a parrot. Once parked in the public parking lot, follow the map east to Captain B-Daddy's Treasure.


    Beware the map leads to a wooded path that only brave souls may tread. Take heart, ye only have to travel a short way down the woody path to twin, small trees. One ye will see a nail in, the other the treasure ye seek. Be sure to bring trinkets to trade so ye can share in Captain B-Daddy's Treasure. Please sign the logbook and Keep to "The Code".


    Enjoy ye treasure and share the frivolity and merriment of Mardi Gras with everyone. If ye really want to join in the fun and frivolity of Mardi Gras check out Captain B-Daddy's Krewe at www.zkrewe.net. There you will find info on the best Krewe in Galveston Mardi Gras.


    Good luck, fair winds and following seas!



    To find Big Daddy’s Treasure, first you need to download the Geocaching App. If you search for it in the app store, locate the one that has the green square logo.

    Once the app is downloaded, you will be asked to signup. You will be asked for your email, a self-created user name, and a password. It does not cost anything to sign up. You are welcome (but do not need) to become a premium member for $29.99 a year.


    To find the cache, search by Geocache and type in GC9VK61. It will then give you the map to the location of the treasure. This map should take you close enough to see the cache.


    Inside the box, you will find a log book to write your geocache name, date, and a message. You will also be able to log it into the app as well. TFTF(thanks for the find) or TFTC (thanks for the cache) are logged often in the log book and on the app. It is tradition that if you take something from the cache, you need to leave something to replace it.


    To become part of Captain B-Daddy’s crew, you must take a picture with the cache (a selfie) and be able to tell Big Daddy the code taped to the top of the box. Be sure to show him and he will hand you the crew pin.


    In case you want to do more, Z Krewe has another cache that was placed during the Pirate year (hidden in 2007). The name of that cache is Pirate Island Geocache. Search GC163TP to find this cache.