• Welcome to the best 2023 Balcony Parties on the Strand!

  • Get ready for THE Premier, Absolute Best balcony party on the Strand! Our parties are known as Zestivals and are hosted by Z Krewe of Galveston! We have one of the largest balconies available. The party price includes:

    A full open bar with premium liquor, beer, wine, water, coffee, and soft drinks,
    DJ and dancing,
    Lunch (Saturday parties), Dinner (all parties) and all-day snacks,
    Entrance to the Strand,
    Guaranteed time on the balcony,
    Clean restrooms (no porta-potties),
    Beads for sale.
    All parades from the Seawall and in the Downtown district come by our balcony. Security is on the premises, and you can come and go from the party to explore the Strand as you wish.
    Beads - You can save time and effort by purchasing throw beads and receiving them when you check into the party. You can purchase the Big Daddy Bead Bag at a savings of 30%. This bag includes 25 dozen beads, 2 bead bags and a select Krewe Theme bead. No ticketing fee will be added to the bead purchase; your total cost for the bead bag is $79.95.
    Weekend tickets: Staying for the weekend? You can purchase a ticket for both Friday and Saturday that includes a 20% discount for the Friday night ticket.

    Scroll down to purchase tickets and more information.

  • Zestival Balcony Parties

    Zestival 1 Party Over

    • $75
    • Friday 2/10/23 6:00 pm to Midnight (6 hours)
    For tickets and valuable information, Click here:

    Zestival 2 - Party Over

    • $170
    • Saturday 2/11/23 12:00 Noon to Midnight (12 hours)
    For tickets and valuable information, Click here:

    Zestival 3 Tickets on sale until 5:30

    • $100
    • Friday 2/17/23 6:00 pm to Midnight (6 hours)
    NOTE: Weekend tickets for Friday and Saturday are sold out. Friday night only still available.
    For tickets and valuable information, Click here:

    Zestival 4 - Sold Out

    • $185
    • Saturday 2/18/23 12:00 Noon to Midnight (12 hours)
    Sorry, this event has sold out. Tickets may be available at the door, IF there are no-shows. The location of our party is at the corner of 21st and The Strand, Galveston. If you want to be placed on a waiting list, e-mail zkrewe@gmail.com.

    Member Tickets

    Members of Z Krewe: Click HERE to get your tickets.