• About Us


    Z Krewe is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit Mardi Gras organization, based in Galveston, TX. Z Krewe has 150 dedicated members and a growing ambassador membership from around the world.


    We have a devoted elected and appointed leadership that delivers year-round activities, which includes first class events and Zanie fun gathering in its drive to Perpetuate the Spirit of Mardi Gras.


    In addition to hosting Z best Mardi Gras events, Z Krewe is proud to have contributed thousands of volunteer hours and financial support to many local charities and organizations throughout the years.

    Our Members


    Zanies are what we call our Z Krewe members. Webster spells it zany but we zanily spell it Zanie!  


    Our membership is made up of 150 regular members and many ambassador members.


    Interested in membership? Email us at zkrewe@gmail.com.


    Our Big Daddy & Big Momma 24

    David Mulcihy & Linda Bridges

    Big Daddy and Big Momma are the Krewe's Head Zanies. Big Daddy is chosen from the Krewe by the previous Big Daddies. Each Big Daddy then chooses his Big Momma from the Krewe in secret.

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    Our Royalty

    King Zanie 24 Brad Dees & Queen Zanie 24 Kristie Schoppe

    In Z Krewe, all regular members can try for the prized gold babies. Hopefuls select a slice of cake, hoping a gold baby is buried inside. The king and queen are selected by pure chance and the luck of drawing the right slice of cake.


    The remaining royal court is comprised of those who draw the green, purple, white, and black babies. Ladies of the royal court are titled Royal Zaftigs. Our royalmen are titled Royal Zoots.


    Meet the Royal Court >>

    Our Board of Directors



    • Dusti Baldwin (Chairman)
    • Christie Dees (Vice Chairman)
    • Lyn Castanie
    • Craig Funni
    • David Mulcihy
    • Leon Kaplan
    • Kristie Schoppe


    • Kristi Castanie (President)
    • Alex Petty (Vice President)
    • Pam Iltis (Treasurer)
    • Tommie McMillan (Recording Secretary)