• Ball 2024 Salute to a GalaZy Far, Far Away: Sign-up and Information

    Welcome to the web page for this year's ball, 'Salute to a GalaZy Far, Far Away'. Scroll down to see general ball information, hotel sign-up, and table sign-up.

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    General Information

    Cost, Dress, and the Evening

    There is no additional cost for Members. Guests are $225 each.


    The dress for Z Krewe's annual Ball is a formal gown and black tie or an elegant costume related to the Krewe's theme "Salute to a GalaZy Far, Far Away".


    The ball is scheduled for Saturday, January 13, 2024. The location is the Davidson Ballroom across from the Tremont Hotel Galveston. Champagne reception begins at 6:00 pm, Royalty coronation next door at 7:00 pm, with sit-down dinner beginning around 8:15 - 8:30.

    Dancing until 12:30 am. 'Survivor's' picture at 12:30 am.

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    Ball Guest Tickets

    Ball guest tickets are $225 each. This covers the Coronation, champagne reception, sit-down dinner, open premium bar and the band Groove Knight!


    Click on the tickets to the right to download order form. Print it out and follow instructions.

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    Hotel Reservations

    Krewe Reservations at the Tremont House Hotel

    The Krewe gets a special rate at the Tremont House hotel. There is a 2-night minimum requirement.


    The Krewe rates for a regular room apply to Thursday 1/11/24 for $180; Friday - Saturday 1/12-1/13/22 for $180 per night. Deluxe suites are $430/night. (Taxes are additional.)


    You must reserve through the Krewe to get this rate by completing the reservation form and e-mailing to Chris Dees (e-mail address on form).

    Also, all cancellations must go through Chris as well.


    To complete the form, click on the picture of the Tremont House to your right. All forms must be received no later than 11/8/23.

    Ball Table Sign-up

    Ball Table Sign-up

    Sign-up for Table Reservation

    You can sign-up for your own table for you, your guests and other members. Even if you do not plan to attend the Ball, please complete this form. On this form you can:

    • Note the people you wish to have at your table
    • Indicate if you want the Ball Committee to assign you to a table
    • Note any special dietary requirements for each guest
    • Indicate if there is a special place in the ballroom you wish to be seated
    • Be removed from an assigned table
    • Let us know you will not be attending the ball.

    Click on the picture of the ball room to the right to access the sign-up form.


    NOTE: If someone has already included you at their table, you do not have to complete another form, unless you want to sit elsewhere.