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    Ball Committee

    The Ball Committee is composed of many Krewe members, all dedicated to the planning and execution of the annual Z Ball, the Krewe’s most anticipated event. This Committee is assisted by a phenomenal group called The Ball Supporters.


    Committee Chairs: Cyndi Keeth & David Mulcihy
    Members: Linda Bridges, Kristie Castanie, Tom Danowski, Carla Davis, Dave Davis, Melody Davis, Chris Ditto, Ellen Eastham, Sarah Fletcher, Kathy Hill, Pam Iltis, Jerry Keeth, Sarah Beth Maddox, Suzanne Maddox, Marivell Miranda, Hayley Murphy, Margaret Rodriguez, Frans Pike, Jettie Pugh, Cindy Roberts
    Board Liaison: David Mulcihy
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    Membership Committee

    The duty of the Membership Committee is to collect and submit applications for regular membership and ambassador membership to the Executive Committee. The Committee is also responsible for maintaining the list of “Zanies-in-Waiting” for potential regular and ambassador membership.


    Additionally, the Membership Committee serves as the “social” committee, and plans fun and exciting events throughout the year.


    Committee Co-Chairs: Carla Davis and Sarah Fletcher
    Members: Suzanne Beeland, Carroll Cobb, Ellen Eastham, Kathy Hill, Leon Kaplan, Hayley Murphy, Margaret Rodriguez, Jetty Pugh, Cindy Roberts
    Board Liaison: Sarah Fletcher
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    Pancake Day Committee

    The Pancake Day Committee does one thing and one thing only -- they cook pancakes! And they do it well! This is an event that gets more and more Zanies out of bed each year. They discover that getting up before dawn to mix, pour, cook, and clean up is just the beginning of the festivities and fun on the final day of the Mardi Gras season. Plus, all the food not eaten is donated to a local charity!


    Following the pancake breakfast, the Zanies then go for a little rest and relaxation involving Mimosas and Bloody Marys!


    Z Krewe’s Pancake Day Committee, Royalty, and other Zanies will carry on the worldwide Mardi Gras tradition born in 1445 in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England, by cooking up a breakfast of pancakes and sausage for the students, parents, and teachers.


    Committee Co-Chairs: Chris Dees and Kathy Hill
    Members: Barbara Beckett, Suzanne Beeland, Carla Davis, Sarah Fletcher, Leon Kaplan, Tommie McMillan, Margaret Rodriguez
    Board Liaison: Steve Hill
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    Parade Committee

    The Parade Committee organizes and manages all parades for the Krewe, including the annual Z Krewe Processional, held the second Saturday of each Mardi Gras season by the Krewe.


    The annual Zanie Procession is held through the Historic Strand District along Mechanic Street from 25th to 20th and back up the Strand. Hundreds of Zanies throw their "best beads" to the crowds. The parade features bands, military units and zany revelers from other clubs, and is led by Big Daddy and Big Momma followed by King and Queen Zanie and their royal Zoots and Zaftigs.


    The Committee is also in charge of running and maintaining the Krewe Float, stored on Galveston Island.


    Committee Co-Chairs: Steve Baldwin and Jeff McDonald
    Members: Kristie Castanie, Lyn Castanie, Tom Danowski, David Davis, Melody Davis, Ellen Eastham, Craig Funni, Kelly Gardner, Jan Grizzle, Pam Iltis, Tommie Jarnagan, Leon Kaplan, Jerry Keeth, David Mulcihy, Alex Petty, Kristi Schoppe, Ashlynn Treshman,
    Board Liaison: Pam Iltis
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    Public Affairs Committee

    The Public Affairs committee has one directive: Let the world know about Z Krewe. Functions include organizing the selection of the annual Krewe Poster, general advertising about the Krewe, and maintenance of the Z Krewe web site. They assist in promoting Z Krewe and its activities in order to generate public awareness of the activities of the Krewe by posting on Facebook and the Z Krewe website.


    Committee Co-Chairs: Dusti Baldwin and Ashlynn Treshman
    Members: Melody Davis, Kelly Gardner, Leon Kaplan, Sarah Beth Maddox
    Board Liaison: Kelly Gardner
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    Royalty Committee

    The Royalty Committee provides direction and support for the King, Queen and members of the Royal Court. The Committee plans and produces three major events the cake cutting ceremony, at which the King, Queen and members of the court are chosen the coronation ceremony, at which the King and Queen are crowned, the court is presented, and the Legazies (children or grandchildren of current members) are presented to the reigning King and Queen; and the royal procession and toasting ceremony during the pre-Zestival procession.


    Committee Co-Chairs: Chris Dees and Alex Petty
    Members: Dusti Baldwin, Barbara Beckett, Billy Hopkins, Jan Grizzle, Eric LeGros, Sarah Beth Maddox, Brandy McDonald
    Board Liaison: Billy Hopkins
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    Steering Committee

    The Steering Committee is chaired by the Vice President, and its primary function is to oversee the by-laws and the annual elections of officers and board members.


    The Committee accepts proposals for by-law changes, and reviews and recommends changes or additions before presenting them to the Executive Committee for consideration. The proposed changes are then presented to the Krewe at the next General Meeting, and voted on at the General Meeting following that.


    The Steering Committee welcomes proposed bylaw changes from any member in good standing. Proposed changes may be emailed to David Mulcihy at dmulcihy@comcast.net.


    Committee Chairs: David Mulcihy
    Members: Dusti Baldwin, Pam Iltis, Leon Kaplan, Alex Petty
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    Ways & Means Committee

    Committee works all year to supplement the Krewe’s finances and offer fun, Zany venues, and sponsorships that support fund-raising endeavors for the organization.


    The Ways and Means Committee plans to bring new and innovative fundraising opportunities to our program of works this year. Stay tuned for more details!



    Committee Chairs: Sarah Fletcher and Kelly Gardner
    Members: Carla Davis, Melody Davis, Cindy Roberts
    Board Liaison: Sarah Fletcher
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    Z Cares Committee

    Sometimes our members go through difficult times such as sickness or death in the family to name a few. The Z Cares committee is here to lend a helping hand or provide a word of encouragement to those members in need.


    Committee Chairs: Melinda Funni and Kelly Gardner
    Members: Suzanne Beeland, Linda Bridges, Melody Davis, Lana Jarnagan, Cyndi Keeth, Heidi Lutz, Hayley Murphy, Jettie Pugh, Kristie Schoppe
    Board Liaison: Chris Dees
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    Z Charity Committee

    The Z Charity committee does several things.


    1) We make sure Z Krewe adheres to the guidelines and regulations of 501(c)(3) organizations, including preparing the paperwork to acknowledge donations received by the Krewe.
    2) We organize choosing charities the Krewe supports.
    3) Plan ways to support charities in the Galveston area.


    Currently the 0.5K subcommittee is also part of the Z Charity Committee. This annual event is a fun run whose net profits are donated to the Galveston County Food Bank Kid's Summer food program.


    Committee Chairs: Suzanne Beeland and Pam Iltis
    Co-Chairs for 0.5K Run: Jeff McDonald and Kristie Schoppe
    Members: Barbara Beckett, Linda Bridges, Kelly Gardner, Leon Kaplan, Jettie Pugh
    0.5K Run Sub Committee Members: Suzanne Beeland, Kristi Castanie, Tom Danowski, Ellen Eastham, Billy Hopkins, Leon Kaplan, Jerry Keeth, Heidi Lutz, Pamela Petty, Jettie Pugh
    Board Liaison: Chris Dees
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    Zestival Committee

    In Z Krewe, Zestival is synonymous with “PARTY.” What started out as a sincere, but dedicated gathering at two members’ home, has grown to one of the premier Mardi Gras events in Galveston.


    Zestival is held at the Jockusch Building on 2025 Strand, overlooking the Strand. Zestival Committee members strive to bring the best Mardi Gras experience to members and guests year after year. This committee procures the location, food, drink, in-house entertainment, and security for the two weekends of Mardi Gras, Z Krewe style.


    Committee Chairs: Dusti Baldwin, Pam Iltis, Alex Petty

     Members: Kristie Castanie, Sarah Fletcher, Craig Funni, Kelly Gardner, Jan Grizzle, Leon Kaplan, Erika LeGros, Jay LeGros, Jr., Heidi Lutz, David Mulcihy, Hayley Murphy, Margaret Rodriguez, Kristie Schoppe, Evelyn Shem

    Board Liaison: Brad Dees